Men's Hairstyle With Long Hair

Long hair has been a staple of men’s hairstyles since antiquity. From the long and flowing hair seen in ancient Greece and Rome to the modern man-bun, long hair has never gone out of style. Today, there are many different looks for men with long hair that range from sleek and sophisticated to wild and untamed. No matter what kind of look you’re after, there is a long thin hairstyle for every guy.

Styling Products To Achieve Look

Styling products are essential when it comes to achieving a certain hair look, especially for men with long hair. One popular styling product is wax, which provides hold and texture. It’s perfect for creating a messy or spiky look that requires structure and definition. For longer hairstyles, pomade can be used to achieve sleekness and shine while keeping the hair in place. Pomade is also ideal for creating slicked-back looks.

Another styling product that works well for men with long hair is sea salt spray. This product creates a textured beach-wave effect that adds volume and movement to the hair without weighing it down. Sea salt spray can be applied on damp or dry hair, making it an easy styling solution for those in a hurry.

Overall, choosing the right styling product depends on the desired look and hair type. Experimentation may be necessary before finding the perfect combination of products to achieve your desired hairstyle. Remember to always use quality products and avoid overusing them as this can lead to unwanted buildup or damage to your locks in the long run.

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Braiding Techniques

Braiding is not just for women; men with long hair can also incorporate braids into their hairstyles. There are several braiding techniques that can be used to create unique and stylish looks for men. The simplest of these is the three-strand braid, where three sections of hair are woven together. This classic braid can be worn loose or styled in a bun.

For a more intricate look, a French braid is an option. Also known as a Dutch braid or inverted French braid, this technique involves adding sections of hair as you weave along the scalp. The result is a tight and secure braid that keeps hair out of your face.

Finally, there’s the fishtail braid, which creates a textured and slightly messy appearance. This style involves dividing the hair into two sections and crossing small pieces from one section over to the other until you reach the end of your hair length. Braided hairstyles are versatile and suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to formal events like weddings.

Popular Long Hairstyles

Draped Waves

Draped waves are a popular men’s hairstyle for those with long hair. This look is achieved by creating loose, natural-looking curls that fall gently over the shoulders. The style is characterized by its effortless and laid-back appearance, making it perfect for casual occasions.

To achieve draped waves, start by washing your hair and applying a styling product to help hold the curls in place. Use a large barrel curling iron or wand to create loose curls throughout your hair, leaving the ends straight for a more natural look. Once you have curled all of your hair, use your fingers to gently separate and loosen the curls until they fall into soft waves.

Curly Bob

Curly bobs are not just for women. Men can also rock this hairstyle with confidence and style. The curly bob for men is perfect if you have long, curly hair and want to keep it looking neat and stylish. This hairstyle is ideal for men who want to show off their curls while keeping their hair manageable.

The best thing about the curly bob is its versatility. You can wear it loose or tie it up in a ponytail or bun depending on the occasion. This hairstyle suits most face shapes, including oval, square and round faces.

Sleek and Side-Parted

Sleek and side-parted is a timeless hairstyle for men with long hair. It is a classic look that never goes out of style. The key to this hairstyle is to keep it simple, yet sophisticated. To achieve the sleek and side-parted look, start by washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Once your hair is clean, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle any knots or tangles.

Wet look

The wet look is a popular hairstyle trend among men with long hair. This style involves slicking back the hair using a pomade or gel to create a sleek and shiny appearance. It’s a versatile look that can be worn to formal events, parties, or even as an everyday style.


The ponytail is a timeless men’s hairstyle that has been around for centuries. It is a great option for those with long hair who want to keep it out of their face while still looking stylish. The versatility of the ponytail allows it to be worn in several different ways, making it an excellent choice for any occasion.

The ponytail is a timeless men’s hairstyle that has been around for centuries. It is a great option for those with long hair who want to keep it out of their face while still looking stylish. The versatility of the ponytail allows it to be worn in several different ways, making it an excellent choice for any occasion.

Air Dry Texture

The air-dry texture is an excellent hairstyle choice for men with long hair. It’s effortless, relaxed, and gives off that beachy vibe. The beauty of this style is that it requires little to no styling. All you need to do is wash your hair, towel dry it, and let nature take its course.

The key to achieving air-dry texture is in the products you use. You want to avoid heavy gels and waxes as they will weigh down your hair and make it appear greasy. Instead, opt for a lightweight styling cream or sea salt spray. These products will add volume and definition without leaving any residue behind.

Another great thing about air-dry texture is that it works for all types of long hair – from straight to curly locks. If you have naturally curly hair, simply scrunch your strands while they’re still damp to enhance your curls’ natural shape. And if you have straight hair, use a texturizing spray to create some movement and body in your locks. With air-dry texture, you can achieve a carefree look effortlessly!


The feathered hairstyle for men with long hair is a classic and timeless look. This hairstyle features long locks that are layered and styled in a way that creates a feather-like appearance. It is perfect for those who want to achieve a natural and relaxed look without sacrificing style.

To achieve the feathered look, it is important to have your hair cut in layers so that it falls naturally on your shoulders. You can then use styling products such as mousse or hairspray to add volume and texture to your hair. The key is to style your hair in a way that looks effortless and natural, rather than over-styled.

The feathered hairstyle has been popular among men for decades and continues to be a go-to look for those who want an easy yet stylish option for their long hair. Whether you’re going out on the town or simply running errands, the feathered look will give you an air of sophistication while still maintaining the laid-back vibe of longer tresses.

Cut And Maintenance Tips

  1. Haircuts for men with long hair require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. You should aim to get a trim every six to eight weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. This will help prevent split ends from developing and give your hair a healthy, polished appearance.
  2. When it comes to styling your long locks, you’ll want to invest in some high-quality products that can help you achieve the look you’re after. A good shampoo and conditioner are essential for keeping your hair clean and healthy, while styling products like pomade or wax can help you create the perfect shape and texture.
  3. Finally, be sure to take care of your hair between cuts by brushing it regularly and avoiding excessive heat styling or harsh chemicals. With a little bit of effort and attention, you can maintain a stylish head of long hair that will turn heads wherever you go!

Cons Of Long Hair

Long hair is often associated with a sense of freedom, as well as a display of masculinity. However, there are also downsides to sporting long locks.

  1. One potential con is the amount of upkeep required to maintain healthy hair, such as frequent washing and conditioning, trimming split ends, and investing in quality hair care products.
  2. Additionally, long hair can be more prone to tangling and damage, especially if you lead an active lifestyle or expose your hair to harsh elements like sun and wind.

Pros Of Long Hair

On the other hand, there are plenty of benefits that come with having long hair.

  1. It’s a versatile style that allows for a variety of looks – from messy bedhead to sleek ponytails or braids.
  2. Long hair also provides warmth during colder months while keeping you cool during warmer seasons by providing shade against the sun’s rays.
  3. Finally, long hairstyles offer something unique in men’s fashion – a way to express individuality and personality through your appearance.

Ultimately whether or not you choose to grow out your locks comes down to personal preference and lifestyle factors. While some men may enjoy the freedom of longer hairstyles others may find them too high-maintenance for their needs. Whatever choice you make remember that confidence is key when it comes to any hairstyle!


In conclusion, long hairstyles are appropriate for any man who wants to make a statement with their hair. Long hair has been a popular trend for men since the ’60s and it continues to be in style today. This look can be achieved by growing out your hair or using extensions if you want longer locks without waiting.

One of the best things about long hairstyles is that they are versatile and offer numerous styling options. You can wear it loose, put it up in a bun or ponytail, braid it, or add some texture with curls or waves. It’s important to note that maintaining long hair requires dedication and proper care including regular washing, conditioning, and trimming split ends.

Overall, don’t let stereotypes dictate your hairstyle choices as there is no wrong way for a man to express himself through his hair. Whether you’re looking for an edgy rocker look or simply love the feel of longer locks on your head, embrace the freedom of expression that comes with sporting long hair.


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